Meet Our Salutatorian

Elma Aman

Elma graduates from ISD with a CGPA of 4.5 earned during her IB diploma years. She will join the class of 2025 at the University of Toronto to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Neuroscience. During her time at ISD, Elma was a part of the high school volleyball team, volunteered for service work with the 'Abita Kabir Foundation' and 'Rise and Shine.' She was also an active member of secondary school drama productions.

Elma was also accepted to the following universities, Boston University, University of British Columbia, Mount Holyoke College, Simmons University, and the Clark University.

Let's get to know such an organized and focused young adult better through an interview.

How does it feel to be the salutatorian of the class of 2021? 

It honestly feels surreal. I am happy that all my hard work for the past two years has paid off and that I have made my parents and family proud.

In your opinion, what are the important attributes one must have to be a topper of a class?

The most important trait is perseverance. High school, especially the DP program, is incredibly challenging, and setbacks are common. It is imperative to stay motivated and focused on your goals to succeed. Dedication, good work ethic, and organizational skills are also essential, not only for "class toppers" but for all students.

What is your most favorite memory from ISD?

My favorite memories in ISD always happened during the Week Without Walls (WWW) trips. These trips allowed me to become closer to the people in my batch, making the bonds between people who were already friends stronger and allowing people to make new connections.

Where are you heading after ISD?

I am going to the University of Toronto (St. George) for my undergrad to pursue a double major in psychology and neuroscience with an additional concentration on philosophy and ethics.

Where do you see yourself ten years from now on?

I am not too sure. I prefer to set more short-term goals so that I remember to live in the moment and enjoy the place I am in right now. However, I will hopefully have a Bachelor's and Master's degree and be pursuing a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) ten years from now.

How do you think ISD has prepared you for your life after school?

I think the workload at ISD has helped me become more responsible and organized, both necessary skills needed for university. Since I came to this school in 8th Grade, I think my people skills and social skills have all come from ISD.

What will you miss most about ISD?

I will definitely miss the teachers the most. Many of them have been in this school ever since I joined, and they have seen me grow up. Their mentorship, teaching, and kindness have helped me thrive as a student here. I will also miss the campus as I have many fond memories there with my friends.

What is one piece of advice you would give to underclassmen?

Live in the moment! Studying and hard work are very important, but high school is a time in your life which you will never get back. Stay on top of your classwork but also remember to spend time with your friends. These memories will be the ones you cherish forever.