This page communicates the Health the Safety Updates from ISD to keep the community protected.

7 September 2021

ISD is opening from 12th September 2021 with a Hybrid Model

1 September 2021

ISD is allowing its students back to campus for playtime. 

19 August 2021

The New Academic Year starts online on 22 August 2021. 

14 June 2021

The news about online classes is now official. The Ministry of Education has extended the ongoing closure of educational institutions until the 30th of June. This means classes will continue to be conducted virtually through the rest of our school year ending on 24th June 2021.

31 May 2021

Virtual Learning will continue till 12th June 2021 as per new guidelines from the Bangladesh Government.

24 May 2021

ISD will remain online until the end of 30th May.

17 May 2021

We have now learned that the nationwide lockdown has been extended through the 23rd of May. In accordance with the government’s directive, we are extending our work-from-home schedule for administrative staff until the 23rd of May.

Also, during the Eid, it was announced that schools in Bangladesh will be online through the 29th of May. We will monitor this situation as before and keep you informed of any further news.

4 April 2021

Bangladesh is set to go into lockdown for a week starting from Monday, 5 April. ISD is preparing for its staff to work from home for the next two weeks. All school offices and services will be closed to the public until 18 April. Online instruction will continue until at least mid-May at the end of Eid.

31 March 2021

ISD will not host the SAT examination scheduled on 08 May 2021 and 05 June 2021 , considering the COVID-19 safety measures and protocols. For updates on the next available SAT test at ISD, look for updates on our website.

10 March 2021

Staff vaccines underway and health and safety protocols being updated. Read more here

14 February 2021
Online learning at ISD is extended till 14 February

10 February 2021
ISD is welcoming primary students voluntarily to campus for an hour a day of playtime. The protocols can be learned here.

7 February 2021
ISD will not host the SAT examination scheduled on 13th March 2021, considering the COVID-19 safety measures and protocols. For updates on the next available SAT test at ISD, look for updates on our website.

1 February 2021
Online learning at ISD is extended till 14 February

26 January 2021
A review of the Health and Safety protocol is underway for reopening the campus as per guidelines from the Bangladesh government

10 January 2021
Declaration has been made that online learning will continue through January 2021 at ISD.

13 December 2020
Workshop conducted for teachers regarding Health and Safety protocols on working at campus.

15 November 2020
Online learning extended till December 2020 at ISD

26 October 2020
Health and Safety Training for staff and faculty started.

11 October 2020
A memo has been circulated to all staff members on consequences for violating the H&S protocols.

1 October 2020
Pilot 1 'Bubble Plan' kicked off at ISD

28 September 2020
Updated ISD Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) released.

27 September 2020
Online learning at ISD is extended till 1 November.

9 September 2020
ISD Health and Safety Compliance Coordinator appointed

1 August 2020
Formation of Health and Safety Task Force Committee, who meets every week for an hour

28 July 2020
ISD Back to School Book maintaining health and safety protocols issued to all parents and staff.

30 May 2020
ISD Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) during this unprecedented time shared with the community