Admissions Policy

ISD exists to serve the educational needs of the local and international communities.

Admission to the school is open on a continuous basis to all students who meet the following set of criteria:

  1. Admission in ISD shall be determined by the Admissions Committee.


  1. Admission shall be based on the documents submitted as required by the professional staff to determine the:

                 - Potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available

                  - The capacity of ISD to meet the educational needs of the applicant


  1. Admission shall not be denied because of nationality, race, gender, or creed. Applicants will be accepted for admission, if the eligibility criteria are met, unless there is reason to believe that admission is not in the best interest of the applicant or the school.


  1. ISD wishes to accept all qualified applicants and shall make every effort to provide the facilities required. All students enrolled as of the end of the previous school year shall automatically be enrolled for the following year; new applicants shall then be considered for admission based on the date their application is complete, as well as along with the current capacity for their grade level. If a waiting list is necessary, qualified applicants will be admitted on a first come, first served basis.


  1. All applications must be submitted online at isdbd.openapply.com. When a student applies for admission, the following procedure will be followed:
  2. The student's application form and documents are examined carefully to determine authenticity and potential of the applicant.
  3. The student's previous school is contacted if any concern arises about the applicant.
  4. Potential students are invited in for an interview/testing.


Placement is offered based on the following criteria:

  1. The student's performance in ISD's placement tests
  2. Continuity of previous education
  3. Prior educational experience
  4. Grade point average and specific course grades
  5. Emotional stability or maturity
  7. ISD's capacity to meet the needs of the applicant will be determined according to:
  8. Breadth of curriculum
  9. Depth of curriculum
  10. Extent of student services available
  11. Limitation of school facilities


  1. Students who do not speak English shall be evaluated in the following ways:
  2. All Primary and Middle School students who do not speak English will be admitted once they have been evaluated as prescribed in previous sections of this policy.
  3. All High School students will be evaluated by the ESL department to determine the student's level and the extent of support they may require in English which will enable them to work in an academic setting.


  1. ISD is an inclusive school with a number of students under special needs enrolled.
  2. Admissions for special needs students is carefully managed to ensure that learning opportunities for all students are enriched. This may mean that some classes will have a cap to the number of special needs students admitted.
  3. All special needs students will be required to furnish previous IEPs (Individual Educational Plans), formal medical evaluations, and assessments. All previous records will be reviewed by the admissions committee before a final acceptance is offered.


Ages of Attendance

  1. Playgroup is available for students who are two years old (2+) by the 31st of August at the year of entry. It is also subject to the following:
  2. Total enrolment in Playgroup and Nursery should be limited to 15 students per section.
  3. Students who are accepted on the basis of a trial period must not exceed one month.
  4. Students are able to use the bathrooms properly and are able to eat solid food.
  5. Prospective parents must recognize that subsequent entry into Nursery is based on age requirements and not upon time spent in Playgroup.


  1. Students applying for further year groups are assessed on an age appropriate basis, but exceptions may be made at the discretion of the professional staff.

                    - Nursery: 3 years old on or by 31st of August

                    - Pre-Kindergarten: 4 years old on or by 31st of August

                    - Kindergarten: 5 years old on or by 31st of August

                    - Grade 1: 6 years old on or by 31st of August


 For further queries contact the Admissions Office:

                    - admissions@www.isdhaka.com

                    - (88 02) 8431101 to 7, or 01819231100 on weekends and holidays